Festival passes

We have this year only tickets for people, which going to stay the full week. We are a smaller group and have 1/3 spots less than the years before.

All ticket include: accommodation, food, workshops and special event. Some tickets can go without accommodation or extra accommodation, see below. There are no single tickets this year, we want everyone to have a full experience of the program we so carefully organized.

First round of booking confirmations:
7 January 2021.

This year we have the Camp House No. 3 with 8 dormitories. We will not fill dormitories to the max. The house has shared showers/toilets and a chill area.
- Most rooms have 6-8 spots and there's one, bigger, for max. 12 people.
- Upgrade to the "Backpacker" for 2-bed and 4-bed rooms in the new building for more comfort. Toilets and showers on the corridor.

Confirmation conditions:
Your spot is confirmed after payment.

Price list

  • 7 Days Pass - Dorms (supporting price): CHF 575.- | EUR 540.-
  • 7 Days Pass Dorms (regular price): CHF 555.- | EUR 520.-
  • 7 Days Pass (without accommodation) : CHF 420.- | EUR 405.-
  • 7 Days Pass - Backpacker / Upgrade - Bed in double room: CHF 20.- | EUR 16.- Double room supplement per night / person
  • 7 Days Pass -Backpacker / Upgrade - Bed in four bed-room: CHF 15.- | EUR 12.- supplement per night / person

    NOTE: If you earn enough and you want to support this Events Team this is one way of doing it. Corona ain't exactly helping our scale economy. Would be much appreciated.

    Price reduction:
    -You can apply for a Helper Ticket. (30% reduction on the regular Festival Ticket)
    -You can apply to teach a Workshop at the Festival(Payout: CHF 70.- per Workshop)

Payment methods

We will send you the bank details by email after we confirm and process your registration.
If another payment method is needed please ask us directly.
*Note that there might be a fee included.

Refund conditions

Cancellation Policy - In case you cancel.
In case of cancellation, the following costs are charged as % of the booked price:
a) with accommodation in Dorms:
up to 33 days prior to the event: full refund*
b) with accommodation in the Backpacker:
up to 33 days prior to the event: 20%*
c) for all tickets:
32 to 15 days prior to the event: 40%
14 to 1 day(s) prior to the event: 100%
on the day of the Event or no-show: 100%
*Handling fee of CHF 40.- for cancellation your side.

If you cannot join the event, you can happily sell or give your ticket to someone else. Let us know about the name change per your registration email. Thanks.

Cancellation Policy - Due of Corona - In case we cancel.
If we have to cancel the Event due of Corona (e.g Cause contact sport are prohibited) there are different conditions depending on your booking.
a) with accommodation in Dorms: We are going to make a full refund.
b) with accommodation in the Backpacker:
- up to 33 days prior to the event: Backpacker rooms 50% not refundable (approx. 20% of the Ticket fee you booked).
- 32 to 1 day(s) prior to the event: Backpacker rooms not refundable (approx. 40% of the Ticket fee you booked).

NOTE: The accommodation for the Backpacker rooms are independent of the event and only refundable under the strict conditions of "Hüttenzauber". For this reason, if the event is cancelled, you have the choice to continue to make use of the rooms (e.g. to go skiing) or pay the cancelation fee of the accoomodation. Rest, full refunded.