Tschlin location of the winter acro festival


Main House

winter accommodation for the urbanacro winter acro festival

Chasa Tschlin

Our main house is centrally located at Tschlin village and the bus will drop you just a few minutes from it. The house is directly connected to the hall.


In "Chasa Tschlin" We have 5 dormitories with each 4 sleeping spots. (one bigger with 6). There are mattress, pillows and comfy blankets. Shared bathrooms and showers.


Double Rooms
Accommodation in spacious rooms with 2 beds (together or separated). This option costs you a bit more but you'll have gueranteed good sleep and some privacy :-) There are spacious and well-maintained sanitary facilities with shower/toilet cubicles in the corridor and through the whole building.

Familienhaus Macun
A few rooms will be 2 minutes walk from our main house in the idyllic chalet "Macun". Double rooms (separable beds) with pillows, comfy blankets and own bathroom only.


Chasa Tschlin, Curtins 6, 7559 Tschlin Google Maps CLICK HERE

Some other extra infos:

We'll place the sauna and hot pots between the house and the hall.
There are only few parking places for cars, maybe some more in the village. We recommend you to come by train and get the provided bus connection from Scuol. Bring some house shoes for the hall and house. All the meals are in the main house. Some snacks and coffee will be provided.


By train:

The wonderful destination of Tschlin lays in a valley ob Unterengadin, at 1553 meters over sea level. If you come from the North you can either take the way through Switzerland (Landquart -Klosters - Scuol - Tschlin) or take the Bratislava train that goes through Austria (Landeck Zams - Kajetansbrücke - Tschlin)

Approximate travel times by train

  • Zurich – Landquart - Klosters - Tschlin: 4h 30min
  • Zürich - Landeck Zams (AU) - Kajetansbrücke - Tschlin: 5h 30min
  • Basel - Landquart - Klosters - Tschlin: 5h
  • Geneva – Zürich – Landquart – Klosters - Tschlin: 7h 30 min
  • Berne – Zürich - Landquart - Klosters - Tschlin: 5h


Tickets can be bought in the Swiss Main Trains system, but it's worth to check other options.

Rome2Rio has offers worth checking
Prices are very relative. As a obvious general recommendation book with time!

By car:

Once you reach Zürich, keep travelling on the A3 motorway Zürich-Sargans, take the A13 towards Landquart and take route 28 until the Veraina Tunnel. For those who have never taken a car train - it's an adventure. The ticket per 3.5t car costs 39CHF/way in the wintertime and the train leaves every 30minutes. The ride takes 18 minutes. On the other side of the mountain begins your journey up the Inn River Valley. Once you pass Scoul it's a picturesque 20-30min mountain drive to beautiful Tschlin. Careful with the narrow roads there! If there's snow, you might need 4x4 or some good chains. Or incredible driving and drifting skills 🙂

Approximate travel times by car

  • Berne – Tschlin: 4h 15min
  • Basel – Tschlin: 4h
  • Geneva – Tschlin: 6h
  • Zurich – Tschlin: 3h