- - - - - 26. - 28. August 2022 - - - - - Update about teachers and program will come later. Registration open --- few spots only! Zürich, CH

Urban Acro Festival

What does a dyslexic cow say? OOoooM.❤

Urban acro festival in Zürich

Summer + Partner Acrobatics + Acroyoga + Acrodance + Yoga + Handstand + Thai Massage = 3 days of tons of fun!

5th. Urban Acro Festival

Time for another UAF! Hope we continue to be so lucky and not have to skip a single one! We have selected great teachers/friends around Switzerland and Europe and are happy to share with you a cool mix of different challenging and fun acro workshops over this weekend festival.

Going full on training and playing is our bread and butter but there must be space for social, creative moments with a surprise here and there!

We have this year only spots for 80 participants.


Spreading acro is our goal. We are happy to offer you a nice workshop list with many different styles of movement:

Flow, Dynamic and Standing Acro ... From Intro to Advanced. It's three days of moving, sharing and having fun.

We have carefully chosen our teacher-team around the Switzerland and Europe Acro Community. We trust in them and love to offer you small, personalized workshops. Of conviction, we keep it small and familiarly.

So all in all, we are looking forward to 6 Rounds with each 3 Workshops to choose from.

We'll list the Workshops as soon as possible, to receive the last news join or Newsletter or our Whatsapp Group

As a little extra, we have each day:

  • Morning Yoga Sessions
  • Partner Thai Massage
  • Handstand training
  • Jam with longe
What's included
  • main dishes and snacks, all vegan and organic
  • workshop from some awesome local teachers
  • all day jam to make sure you get enough acro
  • special Saturday evening event ;-)
  • Food Corner

    Not to picky only local, organic and vegan with Love.

    We set a high value on healthy food. So everything you eat during this days comes from the local farmer and will be cooked with love. As we train all day long we need energy and we want to have high quality food for everyone.

    Vegan, organic, regional, fair and food-waste-conscious ingredients and processes are a given, forming a solid foundation upon which creativity roams free.

    Sleeping Area

    Better together

    The gallery above the training hall and the barn in the Zirkusquartier area will be our two sleeping halls.

    Each spot fit approximately 25 people. Simple and easy first comes first serves.

    Bring your own sleeping bag and matt to sleep.

    More comfort?

    In Zurich City there are many hostels or check out www.airbnb.com

    BOS Schweiz

    Acrolama is officially a corporate partnership from BOS Schweiz and supports the one-tree-one-life reforestation campaign.

    We love it: the goal is simple, direct and they make it achievable.

    Through previous events we have already planted 255 new seedlings. Now we ask YOU to help! At the registration desk will be a little donation box to support this campaign and save our irreplaceable rain-forests. Thanks!

    More details about BOS Switzerland:Bos-Schweiz








    hours of jam

    Teachers 2022

    Soon International and Swiss teachers.

    Jarno and Tacha Acroatia at the Urban Acro Festival Icarian Games Schweiz

    Jarno & Tacha

    Standing Dynamic Acrobatics

    Just saw Jarno again in Acroatia, what a wonderful experience it is. It's just cool when a teacher knows their craft and has a sense humor and technique. This time with Tacha they come to the Urban Acro directly from Belgium, where they perform in diverse Circus shows, to share some Standing Acro with us. Thanks for coming!

    Uwe and Jasmina Acro Dance at the Urban Acro Festival in Zürich

    Uwe & Jasmina

    Le Icarian Akrosphare

    Love this two Artists from Austria. They come to show us some Icarian and Group acro. Have you seen their show? It's all about it! Just amazing!! Where also recently in the Icarian Acro Convention in Spain. Thanks for being with us now!

    Josh and Cloe, feel the flow hamburg in the Urban Acro festival Zürich

    Josh & Cloe

    Dream Team

    They just always manage too surprise me. Acrobatically of course, but also as humans, dancers, performers, been super lucky to see their path from the start. They just recently finshed their circus studies in Portugal and have been performing ever since. Thanks for coming back this year!

    Fadri and Leona at the Urban Acro Festival Acrobatic Acroyoga and Standing Flows Schweiz

    Fadri & Leona

    Creative Acro Flows

    Fadri is our biggest nerd in the Acrolama Team for over two years now and has a long long history as a Acrobat. Not a coincidence that ones he met Leona, another long long Acro lover, super creative new flows where born. Super looking forward to see you soon!

    Celine at the Urban Acro Festival Acroyoga FlowsSchweiz


    Acro Adventure

    Celine is probably the oldest acroyogi I know. Has seen it all and is still the most humble and loving teacher of them all. We finally managed to get her to live in Switzerland after importing her from Belgium. She will be sharing some handstand, flows and who knows maybe some Thai Massage ;-)? See you sooon!!

    Acro kids at the Urban Acro Festival Acroyoga FlowsSchweiz

    Dani, Uma & Ursina

    Acro kids

    Dani founded one of the oldest acroyoga associations in Switzerland. Aside from teaching here and there, his group of Circus Kids in Basel is just so much fun! Ursina on the other hand is this natural born artist and together with Uma they make a power Trio. If enough kids around this is one you don't want to miss ! Let's see. Glad to have you with us!!.

    Festival schedule

    NOT final, NOT all the workshops are in Chnopf, all the info soon!

    Door Opening

    Check in, grab a snack, choose your helping task and explore the area.

    Julian + Marysia


    Marie + Tomas


    Baptiste + Adrian


    Dinner is served! A helpful spirit is very welcome :)!


    Jam in the main areas after the dinner


    3 Spots for duos for coaching session with or without longe. 30 Min.

    Starting the day with some good Breakfast!


    Intermediate Handstand. 10 Sec +


    Intro Handstnad

    Marie + Tomas


    Jannik + Julia


    Melinda + Tibor


    Lunch time! Remember to write in the comments of your registration if you have some intolerance or preference.

    Phillip + Candince

    Lead Thai massage to relax


    2 Spots for Coaching Session with or without longe

    Danica + Adrian


    Julian + Marysia


    Melinda + Tibor




    Fadri + Leona


    Simon and Annika

    Jannik + Julia

    You can congratulate the kitchen team if its good here too :)

    A surprise mini show, jam all night and a bit of music

    Delicious breakfast to start the day!


    Intermediate Handstand. 10 Sec +


    Intro Handstnad

    Jannik + Julia


    Melinda + Tibor


    Lorenz + Cornelia

    Knots and Transitions in Standing

    Lunch time! Recover some energy to keep going :)! Maybe a group picture ?

    Phillip + Candince

    Lead Thai Massage


    2 Longe Sessions of 30 Min for duos with or without longe

    Fadri + Leona


    Marie + Tomas


    Julian + Marysia

    Some Super Advanced

    Hoping all had a wonderful time we wanted to ask you to help us clean the house :)! Thanks you all!


    Some questions might get answered in our Return Policies otherwise just write us!

    Full Festival
    • All Workshops
    • Food and Snacks
    • Saturday Night Event


    Thanks to all support us


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    • acrolama@acrolama.com